News flash: your customers really enjoy feeling good and happy. It’s never actually stopped, although it seems many businesses are forgetting–which is a little concerning considering accomplishing those feel-good moments through your marketing efforts is almost guaranteed to boost your sales. But before you can make your customers feel good, they have to be able to find your messaging and consume your content, meaning you have to break through the noise.

There are two ways to get information to rapidly spread–something really good, or something really bad. The gray area in between is kind of the void where some people notice, most people don’t, and everything is forgotten. Think of just your personal life. Rebecca announcing she is pregnant–something really good–is probably known throughout your circle of family and friends within a week. As is the news that Uncle Rick has cancer–the really bad.

The same is true in the marketing world. Every single day, consumers are bombarded with advertisements to buy a product or service. And when I say bombarded, I mean bombarded; the average person sees between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day. If you break that down for someone that sleeps eight hours per night, it equals seeing an ad every six to ten seconds for every single minute he or she is awake.

How to Break Through The Noise and Get People To Notice Your Brand

When you’re marketing your product or service, what you’re actually doing is competing for space. There is no shortage of advertisements or grabs for attention throughout the world, and there’s a limited amount of time during the day for people to pay attention and, ultimately, buy. The key is getting your story to the front.

But how do you break through? There’s obviously no simple code to break, but there is one method that seems to work better than most: make them feel good.

The current state of the country has polarized the nation, and that’s putting it nicely. For now, the concept of civilized debate is pretty much gone, with more hatred being spewed during a disagreement than any rational thought. A small percentage of people thrive during this climate. The majority are desperately looking for something good. This is where your marketing needs to come in.

Nostalgia and the Pining for the “Good Old Days”

“Feel good” stories are relatively self-explanatory, and should be incorporated in your marketing whenever they’re available. People love hearing about a local company raising a bunch of money for a charity. They love hearing about the “pay it forward” stories of people buying meals for others.

But what about nostalgia?

There are a few of markets that are absolutely booming right now, but one that may surprise some people is sports cards. And you know why it’s booming? Look at when the sports card market was at peak popularity: the mid-1990s. The kids that grew up during that time are now adults with jobs and some extra money to spend, so what do they want? Items that make them feel good, that tugs on their heart strings and remember joyous memories. They want stuff that reminds them of what they had when they were kids, because let me tell you–not many people who grew up during the 90s are enjoying the “real world” right now.

Implementing the “Feel Good” Factor Into Your Products and Services

So now the big question becomes, how do I implement these tactics into my marketing? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think, and will likely only require a few small tweaks. When it comes to your content and messaging, ask yourself this before you distribute it: would this make me smile if I saw it? If the answer is no, and you don’t have a specific, alternative goal for the content, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

Businesses that have been around for a while can easily throw the nostalgia factor into their marketing. Just look at what Motorola has done with their brand new RAZR phone–yes, the same RAZR from the early 2000s that took the cell phone world by storm. Motorola is playing on the nostalgia factor there with the release of the updated model. But even if your company is relatively new and you have no nostalgic plays, there are still ways to tug at those heart strings.

Stumped on creative ideas for making your audience feel good? That’s where Jellison Group Ohio comes in. We are a group of super passionate individuals that love helping other businesses succeed. And right now we’re offering to help local businesses free of charge, no strings attached. Contact Us today and let’s all starting spreading some more positivity. After all, the country could definitely use some right now, and that’s an understatement.


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