Culture Audit

"Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur. Develop a strong corporate culture
first and foremost."

- David Cummings, co-founder of Pardot

Our Culture Approach

Culture has become one of the hottest topics in business today.

For managers and business leaders, the ability to build a strong culture that supports the mission, goals and workforce of the company is paramount.

Never before has company culture played such a large role in the success of business--especially from a recruitment standpoint.

Today, companies around the country find themselves in a war for talent. This war does not just revolve around finding new talent but also retaining top talent.

This war also enables talent to exit, search, and find new positions that fill their needs emotionally and financially without substantial risk to themselves.

Businesses are now at a disadvantage and need to make their culture stand out above the rest in order to survive and thrive.

What Is A Culture Audit?

Low morale. High turnover. Inconsistent productivity.

These are all telltale signs that your organization may have a culture issue.

The Jellison Group is passionate about helping its clients identify these issues and provide the action plan, advice, and training to bring your culture to its full potential.

So how do we do it?

Defining the Culture
Gathering the Data

The Jellison Group will start the process with defining the official culture using corporate history, internal & external studies, and more.

We will continue to gather information from all aspects of the business to get a clear picture of how everything and everyone works together. How well does every employee understand, accept, and reinforce the core values?

Does your company really have a great culture?

Or do you just think it does?


Identifying the gaps of where your culture actually is and where it should be is the just the start of The Jellison Group's Culture Audit.

Once these have been identified and presented, a roadmap to achieving a great workplace environment can then be developed and implemented.

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