Monthly Video Program

"Decision makers love online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time."

- Robert Weiss

Our Video Approach

Video can be described in one word: non-negotiable.

It is the preferred content medium for the vast majority of people around the world--and their demand for more just keeps increasing. Recent studies found that over half of all consumers want to see more video from brands.

But that's not the only reason many companies are choosing to go all in on video.

The average person watches 16 hours of online video content every single week. That's a ton of time to be able to grab their attention.

Not only is video easy to consume, but it's also significantly more likely to be shared by your target audience than other types of content.

Most importantly: video converts. Websites with video have a 65% higher conversion rate than those without.

What Does The Monthly Video Program Look Like?

Consistency is key when it comes to content. With the Monthly Video Program offered by The Jellison Group, our video professionals will shoot, edit, and produce a set amount of videos every month for distribution on the appropriate channels.

As the program continues, we will constantly analyze the results that these videos are achieving and make the necessary tweaks and adjustments in order to optimize your video campaigns.

With the Monthly Video Program from The Jellison Group, you're not just getting videos for the sake of having content; you get a business partner that has the same goals as you do: to achieve the best possible results with engaging content each and every week.

It's Time To Go All In On Video

To put it simply, without a consistent video presence,
your company is dropping the ball.
Luckily, the video professionals at The
Jellison Group are here to help you get on track.

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