Fear brings out a different side of people. And with each passing day into the Coronavirus Pandemic, uncertainty rises throughout the country—which, in turn, generates fear. 

But why is this important, and how does it affect your business? Let me explain.

Fear in and of itself causes a heightened reaction to happenings; positive or “good” news will be celebrated more by a fearful person than it typically is, while negative (or “bad”) news will be dwelled upon at a higher rate. 

So as our country continues to dive deeper into the unknown that is the COVID-19 Pandemic, with no clear indication of when the light at the end of the tunnel will begin to shine, it’s important to remember that people are paying attention to happenings in the business world even more than usual. And if a company makes a decision that is deemed to be a “bad” one buy the general public, it can have drastic implications.

Take this recent story: a company in Texas recently announced it would be deducting the $1,200 relief that many will receive from their employees’ paychecks in April, as well as half of the additional $500 relief that some may receive per dependent. The company justified their decision by saying it was necessary to sustain operations.

As you can expect, the extremely negative public backlash to this spread like wildfire on social media. The company quickly deleted its accounts, but they will forever be scarred by this decision. This could easily cause them to lose some of their top talent as well.

Conversely, doing something extremely positive in these trying times can be a great move for a business, not only on the basis of simply doing the right thing, but also in terms of positive PR. Right now, people all over the country are desperately searching for any bit of good news, and if you can fulfil that need during this pandemic, it could be something that is remembered for years.

Locally, we recently saw CAPT in Celina, Ohio announce a plant shutdown due to the Coronavirus, but simultaneously announce that employees will still be getting paid during the downtime. The positive news was shared over 1,000 times with many people commenting their gratefulness with the company’s decision.

In the future, this move by CAPT could very easily be the deciding factor in the mind of someone they are trying to recruit. The company showed that, even during a pandemic that is shaking the economy to its core, they truly care about their employees. That will, without a doubt, help them in the long run.

As we continue to navigate this Coronavirus storm, it’s more important than ever for business owners to be aware of how their decisions and actions will be perceived by the public.

Communication is key in times like these when tough decisions need to be explained. If your organization is in need of help doing so, contact Jellison Group Ohio today. You can’t afford to have the wrong message go out in times like these.


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