Being the CEO of Disney seems like a pretty sweet gig, doesn’t it? Not only do you have control of one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, but you’re regularly bringing home tens of millions of dollars a year, too. 

So it was quite shocking when news broke that Bob Iger decided to step down as CEO of the company. After all, Disney expanded greatly under the direction of Iger, as they acquired content behemoths 21st Century Fox, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar—not to mention, the Disney+ streaming service was launched, which quickly garnered tens of millions of subscribers.

As far as a firm reason why Iger stepped down, he simply stated that “this is the optimal time to transition to a new CEO.” He’ll also remain a member on the executive board and will be able to continue working on the creative side of Disney’s adventures.

To me, this is an example of someone with a self-awareness level of 100. Bob Iger is voluntarily stepping down from one of the most lucrative executive positions in the world to pursue another avenue that he’s more passionate about, which is creating. He’s realized that his contributions to Disney have maxed out, and his successor is a better fit to further grow the company.

Like many Walt Disney stories and tales, this too is magical. And we can learn a lot from it.

For anyone that is in a job in which the personal growth potential is non-existent… start looking for something new.

For anyone that isn’t doing what they love every day, and goes home feeling unfulfilled… start looking for something new.

For anyone that is staying in a job they hate simply because the pay is good, or because the boss gives you every other Friday off… start looking for something new.

We hear the saying all of the time that life is way too short, but it’s absolutely true. And if the CEO of Disney can leave his job as the head of one of the most successful companies in the world, not to mention tens of millions of dollars in compensation, you can too. 

Find your happiness. Do what you love. Surround yourself with people that will get you to the next level, and become the best possible version of you, right in your own Magic Kingdom.


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