Tired of Job Applicants That Just Don't Fit?

Or maybe you're having difficulty simply getting people to apply for your open positions...

Recruiting Doesn't Have To Be This Difficult!

so why are you making your job harder?

Posting a job on Indeed and then wading through the hundreds of mostly unqualified responses is an incredible waste of time.

However, if you add in a hyper focus on your target demographic and that 'perfect' candidate, you're much more likely to fill that role with the right person--lowering turnover and saving your company money in the long run.

Here's How The Jellison Group Can Help Your Business

we've helped many companies just like yours

The problem with a general job posting is that it doesn't tell the true story of your company. And, honestly, how could it?

That's why we use organic, company-specific video to tell your story. Because in the end, most of the time your company culture is going to be the difference between a new employee staying for just one year or deciding to stay for life.

In addition to the creation of your videos to fill your recruitment pipelines, The Jellison Group will handle the distribution and tracking of the success with your campaigns. Our turnkey solution allows you to do what your job description actually says: all of the HR-related duties on a daily basis.

Not only will our experts get your engaging videos out organically to more people, but we'll make sure the people responding to your job openings are more qualified and a better fit.

What Others Are Saying About Working With Us

The Jellison Group has extensive experience in helping manufacturing companies fill recruitment needs with qualified applicants that are a perfect fit for the

We're not getting the volume of applicants as on Indeed, but these are the most qualified leads we've ever had for our open positions.

Chris Eramo

Eramo & Sons

Not even Steven Spielberg himself could have portrayed our company in the positive and honest spotlight like The Jellison Group did.

Tim Claude

Auto-Valve, Inc.

And that's not all we have to offer!

Our industry experts cover a wide range of business necessities, from leadership and culture, to data analysis and planning, to marketing and video--and much more.


In addition to effectively marketing your company as a whole for new hires, The Jellison Group is also able to fill your salespeople's pipelines with qualified leads for your product or service.


Are your salespeople not meeting goals, or not sure how to hit your leads due to the ever-changing pandemic? The experts at The Jellison Group will get you on a path to not only surviving COVID, but thriving.

Culture and Leadership

It all starts from the top. As the Millennial and Gen Z generations continue to enter the job market, your managers need to know how their needs and wants are different than previous generations.

Let's Bring This From Blueprint to Execution

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